Black Glimmer Digital Diffusion/FX:

A new addition to the Tiffen’s diffusion line, this filter cannot be reproduced by stacking any combination of diffusion filters.  Building upon the same advanced diffusion filter technology as with the Digital Diffusion/FX

  • Obtains enhanced beauty, while maintaining the richness of color and blacks
  • Maintains sharpness and softens detail in a unique manner
  • Brightens all skin tones
  • Adds a mild glow with a silky transition into highlights

Soft/FX Black Pro-Mist:

This combination maintains Soft/FX ½ throughout with a range of Black Pro-Mist densities. This filter produces an ethereal mood to your image.

  • Provides a wide range of diffusion – lower densities hide minor blemishes while higher densities can remove many years form a person’s age
  • Reveals more shadow detail
  • Produces a dreamy glow to your subjects with enhanced but controlled halation

Also in the booth were computers so attendees could explore the DFX software suite which allows the user to add filter effects in standalone mode or as a plug-in in Photoshop.  Also announced was Version 3.0 of its popular Tiffen Photo fx™ creative effects software, for Apple® iPhone® and iPod Touch® owners.  The new Tiffen Photo fx™ 3.0 software available on the Apple iTunes App Store, now features 67 filters organized into 9 different groups and 780 presets, including those filters sets previously available only as paid optional downloads. Adding these filters at no additional cost, plus new filters and effects, makes Photo fx 3.0 an even more incredible, feature rich app.

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