Nila is manufacturing some of the most technically advanced LED lighting fixtures in the television and film industry.  Just spending a few minutes looking over their product offering will convince you that they are among the best built and well thought out LED fixtures on the market today.  They are impressive.  From their 65 watt high light output and lens system to their modular “brick” configuration, they say quality.  The fixtures utilize a single-color, high brightness LED light source that boasts a 20,000 hour lamp life.  They are available in either “tungsten” or “daylight”.  The fixtures have quick change lenses that give 10, 25, 45 and 90 degree spreads.  An on-board dimmer with built-in backlit LCD display can control individually per fixture or be networked via DMX or their own Nila NET to control numerous fixtures from one controller with RJ-45 in and out.  Input power voltage can range from 90-240VAC, 50-60Hz via an auto-switching power pack.  The Model JNH is designed to attach to other same fixtures to create a larger multiple light source in a bank arrangement.  With a throw distance of over 100 feet, this bright source can accept a Chimera Light bank with an optional bracket.  This light does wonders on location with only a 65 watt power draw.  It can also be powered by an optional battery (juice) pack.  Other control devices include barn doors, gels and 2 types of eggcrates. They are also incredibly durable as you can see below.

For all you space light fans, Nila also makes it’s own version of this popular fixture style with LEDs.  It is configured as a LED “bank” of about 30” x 30”.  It has an 850 watt output and has similar control as the smaller 65 watt fixtures.  It comes with a 36” diameter x 36” high diffusion bag and a variety of targets options.

All Nila products are manufactured and assembled in the US.

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