Mole Richardson

Mole Richardson introduced the Mole LED 12-Pack fixtures consists of 12 OSRAM KREIOS LED circuit boards.  Each of those 12 boards contain 20 high output LEDs, for a total of 240 individual sources. Unlike existing LED fixtures, the MoleLED blends these multiple sources into one, soft, single light source.  This single source approach renders the light more attractive to the talent and more familiar to the technicians.

12 pack features:

  • Available in 3200K or 5600K
  • 0.65 Amps is the maximum Draw at 110 volts A.C.
  • Universal 100-240 volts, 50/60Hz A.C. power supply
  • The fixture will operate on 12 volt car battery, 14.4 volt Anton Bauer/IDX V-Mount Battery, 24 volt camera battery or a 30 volt Battery Belt.
  • Local and remote dimming with built in DMX 512
  • Dimmable without color temperature shift

12 pack accessories:

Barn door, Gel frame, Battery mount bracket, 2-pin battery belt cable

The Single

The MoleLED Single puts the power and quality of light from the 12-Pack in the palm of your hand.  The Single is a go-anywhere, rig-anywhere lighting solution designed for use in interviews or on news desks; perfect for car rigs or as an Obie Light; and a great solution for lecterns or podiums. The Single will be packaged in kits of Tungsten or Daylight or a combination of both and powered remotely from the 6-Pack Controller. Unlike any other DC powered fixture today, The Single can be daisy-chained up to three in a row, and remain individually dimmed and switched from the controller.

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