Matthews Grip

Here’s a recap of the new and exiting gear @ the Matthews’ booth:

HOT FLAGS – a new line of heat resistant flags for use with high temperature lighting fixtures. Manufactured from a patented, thermal resistant fabric, Matthews HOT Flags will allow precise cutting of the light at relatively close distance to large, heat-producing HMI or Tungsten fixtures. HOT Flags will withstand a continuous heat of 1800F/972C. They weigh approximately one-half the weight of metal Hi Temp Flags and will dissipate heat rapidly allowing for easier handling and faster tear down of the lighting set up.

EXTENDELLINI – Matthews has made gripping capabilities even greater with this new tool. By simply removing the movable jaw, spin handle and bushing from the Matthellini Clamp and securing the new EXTENDELLINI to the thread of the clamp, users can increase the gripping range┬áby almost a foot. Replace the jaw, spin handle and bushing and the extended clamp and fixture can be safely secured to a wide variety of objects. Like the Matthellini Clamp, EXTENDELLINI is a precision machined, chromed product for durability and ease of operation.

MICROgrip – a broad range of mounting and grip products developed around the MICRO-griphead. Great in the studio for table top and product imaging as well as in miniature work, the micro gripheads allow all the moves and features of its bigger 2.50″ brother but in a smaller package. A further development by Matthews form the MICROgrip series is the MICROmount – a highly maneuverable and versatile on-camera light/monitor mount. It’s a highly flexible mount that will allow the photographer to get the on-camera light up from the camera body and off to either side to create dimensional instead of flat lighting. It will also serve as an on-camera monitor mount.

BALLHead Camera Mounts – Unlike most other ball head mounts which are manufactured from die cast components, Matthews Ball Head camera mounts are individually CNC machined from solid bar stock to ensure precise control over all critical dimensions and elements. A precision machined camera quick release plate with a balancing feature offers quick, safe and positive-locking of the camera to the Ball Head Mount. The mounting plate can stay permanently attached to the camera thus avoiding the hassle of trying to screw the camera onto the ball or screwing the ball onto the camera. All heads mount either to the suction cup or other devices. Matthews Ball Head Camera Mount is available in three different sizes to accommodate particular camera weights.

CT Overheads – Cool it up or Warm it Down. These new color-balanced, color-temperature grid cloth overheads will adjust ambient or overhead lighting up and down the Kelvin scale. Available in 1/4 CT and 1/2CT values in both straw and blue to compensate for varying daylight conditions or shifting artificial lighting sources, CT Overheads are manufactured form rugged grid cloth and accurately matched from lot to lot to ensure consistency of color and transmission.

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