Lowel Light


Lowel proudly introduced three new distinctive lighting systems, each designed with today’s professional imaging needs in mind. Blender mixes daylight & tungsten LED’s to quickly match the light quality of your location. SoftCore brings constant source, high C.R.I, fluorescent versatility to your soft box. And TRIO, a lightweight 3 lamp fluorescent fixture, let’s you take your studio on the road.

Lowel Blender is a quick, easy to use, LED fixture for location lighting. 2 sets of LED’s in Tungsten & Daylight color are quickly & easily blended. Perfectly match the mixed light sources of your real world location, or create a contrasting color blend to make your subject stand out.  The Blender can be powered by AC or battery for maximum flexibility.

Twin sets of 5000k Daylight and 3000k Tungsten LED’s, with rotary dimmer controls for each on the back of the fixture.  Blender packs more punch than you’ve come to expect from compact LED lights.  The lamphead’s compact size (4 x 3 x 3″) makes it small enough to fit on a pistol grip or compact light stand.  Powered by AC, Camcorder Battery Sleds, or conventional 12v connections.  Supplied with a set of front diffusers for variable softening & diffusing of the blended output.

Lowel SoftCore™, a compact light fixture that adds versatility and control to fluorescent softbox lighting setups. This multi-patented modular system uses the fluorescent lampheads of the Rifa eXchange System to light with up to 5 lamps, using most standard softboxes. The SoftCore folds down small for storage or travel.

Add there 80 Watt daylight fluorescent lamps for high output with accurate color. Its high frequency ballast is designed for flicker-free hi-res digital still, video, and slow-motion cinema use.

The Lowel Trio is for that small studio that you need to occasionally pack up & take on the road? Lowel’s new TRIOTM 3 lamp fluorescent fixture folds down slim, & carries easily. 

As comfortable in the studio as it is on location, TM delivers a beautiful soft source of high CRI daylight or tungsten color. Its 3 lamps are individually switched, to control light output. 

Designed with Lowel’s legendary attention to detail, TRIO’s mounting system keeps the light balanced over the stand while allowing a full range of tilting positions.

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