Groupe Fokia

LTM is a part of the Groupe Fokia family.  LTM has a long history of manufacturing high quality lighting fixtures for the television and film industries.  From it’s popular “Pepper” line to it’s legendary HMI line of fixtures, LTM is well known throughout the world.  In keeping with that enviable tradition dating back to the early 1970s, they were showing their 18kW/12kW Cinepar HMI at NAB this year. This new fixture combines performance and sturdiness while being powered by either a magnetic or electronic w/pfc ballast that have been the hallmark of this France based company.   With there offices in Sun Valley, California and Paris, France, they are ready to provide support to their extensive distribution network.  Look for a new 24kW Cinepar and also pre-made Gel Tubes for fluorescents in the near future.

Balcar is also a part of the Groupe Fokia family of product lines.  Balcar was one of the early manufacturers of fluorescent lighting fixtures for use in television production.  This France based company has, over the decades, made substantial improvements to the design of their fixtures.  There fluorescent fixture line is known for their surprising high light output.  Their new “Super Lite” is no exception.  This new light weight fluorescent fixture was primarily designed for use on location.  It is solidly built to prevent twisting during transport, which protects the tubes.  They can be attached together to create a run of up to 75 feet all being powered by a single ballast unit, creating a “wall of light”.  The fixture has individual On/Off control for each tube at either 110v or 230v.   The Super Lite fixture uses a 55 watt T8 fluorescent tube that can also be fitted with T12, if desired.  There are also removable barn doors available for light control.  All in all this is a very nice addition to their already impressive line of fluorescent fixtures.

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