DeSisti Lighting

DeSisti jumped into the LED fray with their Set Light DE LED.  It is available in various configurations. 

The Set Light DE LED system was designed for use in production lighting for either key, fill or backlight.  It can also be used as stage wash and down light. The FRE-LED combines high efficiency LED technology by Philips, with an efficient optical system that optimizes light output and control of the light beam.  These color changing fixtures are DMX controllable as white sources with tunable color temperature from 2500°K to 6500°K, that it kept true over the life of the unit by utilizing a patented internal optical measurement system developed by Philips.

Also in the booth was the Leonardo Multi-Power.  It’s a compact, highly efficient 10″ Fresnel, capable of accepting a wide range of tungsten halogen lamps. It has a G22 socket accepts lamps available are 650W, 1kW, 1,2kW, 2kW and 2.5 kW.  This allows the lighting staff to use one fresnel for a wide range of applications.  What’s neat about the lamp housing is that the locking G22 lamp holder has an adjustable height mechanism that allows the use of a wide  range of tungsten halogen lamps ensuring the are correctly centered in the reflector.

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