Dedolight introduced it’s brand new 1200w daylight system which includes several new concepts that further improve performance, high efficiency convection cooling, rainproof construction, extremely low UV values, simple hinging open for easy serviceability and the unique optical system Dedolight is so well known for.  The 25lb ballast includes a selectable 120w or 800w output power, selectable 50/60Hz silent mode, 75Hz Flicker free mode, DMX control interface, hot restrike and an automated sensing 90-260v input voltage.  To top it all off the new Series 1200 light can be outfitted with a special 3-lens condenser module to adapt all other DP400 imager elements and project super sharp images.

New to the PanAura soft light line is the PanAura 7 Octodome. This 7’ giant is only 60cm deep and features several different lamping modules including 2x575w, 2x1000w, 4x1000w and each option capable of two different lamps, daylight or tungsten with no color variation.

For those of you that like the Dedolight 4 fixture backpacks (DBP) soft case light kits, there is a new 3 fixture backpack (DBPS) for smaller lighter loads.

The 400 series now features a wide angle lens attachment with barn door rotating on all access.  The focusing range translates into an unprecedented change of angle from 60 to 4 degree (DLWA) and the new wide angle lens attachment widens the angle to an additional 84 degrees (DLWAR400) with perfectly even light distribution, minimal light loss, all while maintaining focus.

Dedolight now offers a high tech dimmer to operate lights up to 1000w at 120v.  With this elegant in-line dimmer with integrated DMX control, we can not only control many of the Dedolight tungsten soft lights but also lights of other manufacturers.  Since these DMX controlled dimmer are noiseless, they can be mounted next to the lights or with an optional c-clamp.

The new Fillini Plus on camera lighting fixtures looks very similar to the original Fillini but provides more than three times the LED lighting intensity.  It no longer works with (4)AA internal batteries but instead the battery shoes hooks onto the back of the Fillini Plus in versions for Sony, Panasonic or Cannon mini DV batteries.  Additionally the fixture can be powered from the DC output of professional video cameras or Anton Bauer Gold Mount plates.  The LED’s output daylight color and the fixture includes a tungsten color correction flip down filter designed to withstand a heavy beating.

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