ARRI introduced its new Hybrid kits with both LED and Tungsten source lighting fixtures as a contemporary answer to portable lighting.  Combining energy-saying efficiency, control and intensity these convenient kits draw less than 490w at 120v.  ARRI Hybrid Kits feature the new ARRI LoCaster LED fixture with six selectable color temperature presets and an onboard dimmer.  The unique mixing chamber ensures CRI over 90 and a ‘single source’ for impressive shadow quality.  Having a LoCaster as part of an ARRI kit allows a shooter to work with both hard and soft light, and the ability to manipulate color temps without having to use gels on the LED source.  Hybrid kits also feature ARRIs tungsten Fresnel units with excellent beam-shaping characteristics; ideal for  background and backlight.

ARRI is introducing the next generation of 1000Hz High Speed flicker-free Ballasts used for digital high-speed photography.  The new ballast is available is several wattages included 125/200w, 400/575w 575/1200w and 250/4000w.  The new high speed ballast can now achieve high quality, flicker-free images even at frame rates of 500-1000 fps and in many cases beyond.  The new technology supplies the lamp with 100Hz square wave current, allowing worry-free shooting from motion picture, commercial and industrial high-speed scenes even with a single, HMI daylight source.

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