16 x 9


16 x 9, well known for its line of camera and lighting equipment and accessories, is now the sole distributor (available through Barbizon) of the LibertyPak range of range of portable battery power.  LibertyPak has been providing high quality lithium-ion battery belts, packs and efficient power management systems since 2002.  Introduced this year, were the Little Genny, and the Big Genny.  The Little Genny has a 320 Wh. Capacity with a max output of 600 watts.  It has 117V AC or 24V output to power just about anything you need in the field or in emergency situations.  The size is relatively compact, and the weight is 19 lbs.  The Big Genny is the larger version and has a 960 Wh capacity.  Charge time is 9 hrs. versus 3.5 hrs. for the smaller version.  Both are certified as IATA and DOT compliant, so you can fly with them!

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